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IAP – Independent Author Project

My best friend Rhonda Kay and Dennis Moore founded this project, which I wholeheartedly endorse: The Independent Author Project  is a hands-on, proactive movement started by independent writers who have simply had all they can take of traditional publishing. It’s … Continue reading

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House of Usher

After revisiting Poe’s lurid story about the mad Usher family a few years ago, Roderick Usher in particular, I got to thinking about my mom’s cousin’s son, Rod Usher, whom I’d met only once but would never forget. In searching … Continue reading

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Iowa Cold Case: my sister Julie’s Diary spills clues

Julie Ann Benning, b. 12-December-1956 in California when Dad was drafted into the Army Our  sister Julie went missing  November 28, 1975 Found dead in a ditch March 18, 1976     Iowa Cold Case # 7600382         … Continue reading

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POOR MAN’S WEALTH: Best novel of the century!

Mind you, I’m maddeningly frugal, but I bought 3 copies of this book so I could give some to friends, and I need to buy more. This book is hard to find online and in USA bookstores because the Australia … Continue reading

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My favorite author: Rod Usher

Am I the only American who’s heard of Rod Usher? I was hunting for a long-lost cousin on Facebook when this mysterious, acclaimed Australian novelist turned up with a novel about a schizophrenic who answers a Lonely Hearts ad, so I … Continue reading

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Full of Fractals

Full of Fractals Nature is full of fractals, and they’re beautiful. Symmetry, math, aesthetics. 

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