MISSING BOYS: Pete and Merlin from Des Moines pound

NOTE: To avoid confusion, let me state up front,
Her name is Carol. So is mine.
Her Maine Coon was named Merlin. So was mine!

Image Merlin and Pete

Do you know where the boys are?

“I have lived not knowing their fate for quite some time now,” says Carol Niemann. “Realistically, I may never know…”

Carol does know that in the first week of May, 2012, her “boys” were taken to the pound, shelter, “I don’t know which one,” in south Des Moines, Iowa. “I had to leave Merlin and Pete behind. It has haunted me.” All Carol has learned since then is that her boys would not have been put down. Someone must have adopted them.

“I’ve missed Merlin and Pete so much. It just would have helped knowing he is in a good home,” Carol says. “I did speak to a woman from a shelter in Des Moines some time back. She assured me that my cats wouldn’t have been euthanized, which helped alot. But it still is heartbreaking to me that I know longer have the boys, and can’t locate them.”

Merlin, the Maine Coon, will be 14 in March.

“Pete, the Manx (No tail!) will be 15.

“Gee, they both are getting old..anything could be possible.”

“Pete also is tiger striped, but has white on legs, belly, and around nose. He also has pink spot ON his nose!

Merlin and his pedigree papers are from a breeder called Black Tye Catteries in Gonzalez, CA. His adult weight was approx.16 lbs. Pete weighed at most 12 lbs.

“Pete had dog like characteristics. In his ‘Hay Day!’ he would love to catch thin chains. When the chains were thrown high, Pete would leap in the air to catch them. He also was a big talker..and HE loved the canned food.

“Merlin on the other hand was more quiet..but got his point across. When he would meow, it was pretty faint coming from a big boy. He did lots of Maine Coon chirping and head butts. When I was asleep, many times he would just lie on my stomach or back(if I slept on my stomach) I think he was showing Pete that I was his possession! Animal behavior is so interesting. Also, when Merlin wanted me to get up in the morning, for his drink from the faucet, he would jump on the bed and lightly bite my nose, lol. Meaning, Get Up!

“I never allowed my cats out. Merlin would be so scared if he accidentally got out–he was the BIGGEST WUSS! People were so scared of him.” (Maine Coons can look big, intimidating, and capable of assault, battery, and death by tooth and claw). “Little did they know he was scared of his own shadow!!

“I feel like I lost my boys and the hurt will never go away”

On seeing my own Merlin story, Carol had hoped he was the same Merlin she had lost. Age conclusively rules that out, and so do their traits. Her Merlin “was in love with sinks and running water. He constantly would jump up to the bathroom sink and wait for me to turn the water on for him. Occasionally I would also find him sitting in the bathtub, wanting the water on there too.”

(sorry, photos didn’t post! – CK)

My Merlin opened cupboard doors and stared like a commanding general at the canned tuna. The other Carol’s Merlin “ate mainly premium dry cat food. I offered a small amount of canned foods, he’d lick the juice off, and walk away!”

 “Keep in mind these pic’s are almost 10 years old,” Carol says, “and especially Merlin’s coat varied during the year. He would lose all that fluff…and look different!” Over the years, “Both of them did get a little grey undertones to their coats.

“I wish that someday I could rescue a Maine Coon–they are awesome. I could give back to a beautiful creature, as hopefully someone did for Merlin and Pete.” — Carol Niemann

NOTE: Carol already posted this on my blog about my own Merlin, but I’ll repost it here:

Oh my, where do I begin. My name is Carol and I now live in NY. It’s a VERY long and sad story, but I had a Maine Coon cat, named Merlin. I was traveling across country with Merlin and my other cat Pete, who was a Manx. I made it to Des Moines IA with both cats and tragedy hit. I believe both cats were put into a shelter in Des Moines, and this was in May 2012. I couldn’t keep my boys, Merlin was 11 years old and Pete was 12.

I have searched on the internet and finally came across the Maine Coon Resue Site. Then I just read the story of your Merlin. My Merlin looked so similar, but he didn’t have so much black on the rear end of him.

Merlin and Pete had some wonderful life until everything went wrong in my life. I guess I wonder if your Merlin really could be my old boy!!! I just need to know that he is in good hands and safe.

If you could be so kind and drop me a line I would really appreciate it. I did get Merlin in CA from a reputable breeder. I had him since he was 16 wks. old, so please understand my concern.

~ NO NEWS, NO UPDATE as October 28, 2018 ~

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