Black Ops Chronicles: “Dead Run” by Pepper O’Neal

This review is from: Black Ops Chronicles: Dead Run 
Tess, a costume designer in Salt Lake City, is on the run from her Mormon boyfriend. His grandpa is a great man, but the grandson kills innocents in cold blood. Now he has a bounty on his runaway girlfriend. It doesn’t take him long to find out she’s hiding in a beach house in Baja, near the Sea of Cortez, in a village so primitive she has to walk into town for a pay phone. She befriends a family nearby and sews costumes for the children. The little boy is particularly endearing, especially when he wakes Tess one morning to announce his latest find on the beach. The reader has already met Max, a CIA agent in search of a terrorist, shipwrecked in a storm. Tess has no idea who he is – friend or foe?- just that he needs help. Her situation becomes all the more complicated when hit-men arrive in search of her. Time for Max to wake up and crawl out of the beach house. Too bad he has amnesia and doesn’t remember whose side he’s on. The tension and conflict, doubt and distrust, steps forward and back, make this novel a fun and exciting read. The romance is complicated by that marvelous guy from back home, Levi, with his British accent and to-die-for prowess, power and tender devotion to Tess, his true love. Too bad for Levi, she just isn’t in love with him. Max has stolen her heart, but even after he regains his memory, she still doesn’t know if he can be trusted. I kept shouting at her to forget Max and go for Levi, but Tess has a mind of her own. And a stubborn streak that drives her loved ones crazy. These characters are so real, I have a hard time believing that they don’t exist in real life. Well done, Pepper O’Neal! Her novel reflects her familiarity with life on board a ship, surrounded by men like Levi and Max, in the same places described so vividly in “Dead Run.” I normally don’t read thrillers or romances, but this one is so engaging, I love every minute of it. I especially love the freshness and originality of villains who are not Catholic or Italian, but Mormon. Now, about a sequel…MORE Levi, please, a.s.a.p.!!!

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