“Snow White’s Slide” by Edith Parzefall

Snow White’s Slide: Adventure Trek 1
Publication Date: January 15, 2014
Amazon synopsis:
When a rascal matches wits with a control freak, he might overlook Rambo coming after him.
Karo Schenkenberg runs her own company with a firm hand, too firm according to her employees. For her birthday, they present their formidable boss with a team building adventure trek. Too proud to turn down the challenge, Karo heads for the mountains. Martin Sander leads the adventure treks and loves to play master and commander of arrogant city slickers. When he locks horns with Karo, he enjoys her prickliness and anticipates the best tour ever. Little does he know the reluctant soon-to-be-ex-husband of his new girlfriend Jo has signed up for the hike as well. Hans is an Afghanistan veteran struggling to get a grip on his crumbling life. First step: get Jo back.

Carol’s Review:

Humor is a rare commodity in fiction, these days, but Edith Parzefall delivers it–along with rich characterizations, fast-paced action, surprising plot twists and pathos. Sounds like a tall order for an author to deliver so much in one novel, but this one does. Martin is a handsome devil, fun-loving and extraordinarily fit as a rock climber and adventure guide, but behind the macho image is…well, a surprise. Just when I want to see him dead, Parzefall has me feeling sorry for him. Not to worry; Martin will rise again and soon having us wish him falling over a cliff. Then someone else in the group pulls a surprise move, and our tough-as-nails corporate CEO / heroine must rise to the occasion or die on vacation. The biggest surprise is not Martin’s weakness, but Karo’s capacity to forgive. And she has a LOT to forgive. Real life is full of people whose issues can have disastrous consequences for others, but few authors have the gift of making us LIKE these trouble makers, or at least care about them. In the end, I still want to push Martin off the cliff. Kinda, sort of. And darn it, why do I like that awful member of the team who should be locked up, not forgiven? Fans of Parzefall’s previous novel, Strays of Rio, know that she is the master at making us love villains. Her protagonists are flawed, too, and 100% human and real. They live on in my mind long after I’ve reached “the end.” Truly, this is an author to watch.


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