“Still Rock Water” by Francene Stanley (The Moonstone Series, Book One)

 SYNOPSIS: Still Rock Water is the first in the Moonstone series of paranormal novels set in the little village of St. Ives, Cornwall, England. A star moonstone ring whisks an Australian housewife to rescue scenes across the globe. Despite her unique ability to help others in distress (through visions), Liliha is powerless to alter her depressed, belittling husband, but she moves to the other side of the Earth, transforming herself, and the lives of others in positive ways.
November 5, 2012 review by Carol Kean  – See all my reviews 


One woman can’t save the world, but this heroine breathes hope and salvation to countless friends and strangers across the globe. Sweeping, epic in scope and alluring, Liliha’s story is as irresistible as the pull of her ancient moonstone ring.

With Liliha as an anchor, Francene Stanley tells a story rich in emotion and complexity, yet economical in its delivery. Not a single word is wasted. The pull of this absorbing novel grows progressively tauter as we taste, smell and experience Liliha’s tumultuous world with all six senses engaged and a fifth dimension as well.

A devoted wife and mother of two, Liliha has sweetly tried to please her demanding husband for too many years. When his infidelity liberates her from a restricting marriage, she sets sail for a new life in England. Free and independent at last–only Liliha can’t help but tend to the needs of all the new people in her life, not to mention various strangers from all over the globe who burst into her mind with life-or-death cries for help. The dizzying scent of lily overcomes her at the most inconvenient times, sweeping Liliha to scenes of imminent danger or despair. Her power to save others apparently comes from a moonstone ring and a past life locked safe from Liliha’s memories. Learning the history of the ring will threaten her prized serenity, but Liliha would never take the easy way out. Through a guided regression, she learns of her former life as a priestess in ancient Egypt. Those who wanted her dead back then have returned with her to the present, and each newly recovered memory will horrify the reader along with Liliha.

Still Rock Water is a whirlwind of sensory delight and mystery, told in spare and poetic prose, with characters so clearly drawn, their humanity rings across the deserts of ancient Egypt, through the annals of time and straight to the reader’s heart.

NOTE: The sequel to this novel, Tidal Surge, is for sale now, and two more installments in this series are forthcoming.


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