Fifty Shades Of First Reader

1- David Weber is right.  It’s all about the voice.  A confident, strong, enthusiastic voice will hide a multitude of sins.  2- Pratchett is right.  The secret to success is to be yourself as hard as you can. So, don’t hold on to every precious word (I only know two writers who do, anyway) but be aware of the function your words fulfill and how changing them might change the book.  Pick which changes you take.And when it comes to structural changes, never take those that will kill your book and your enthusiasm for it.I don’t care if Fifty Shades of Alien would sell like popcorn.  If you keep going “EWWW” at the thought of erotic chest bursting, it’s not for you to write.  No matter how much the betas or your editors say it is.

via Fifty Shades Of First Reader.

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