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Aunt Priscilla Collaborated with Nazis? Nicholas Shakespeare found out why

  Priscilla: The Hidden Life of an Englishwoman Living in Wartime France by Nicholas Shakespeare shows “just how blurred the lines of survival and collaboration were during this time of upheaval, especially for women.” So does Jenna Blum’s “Those Who Save … Continue reading

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The Button Boat by Glendon and Kathryn Swarthout

    The Button Boat is a Depression-era tale …a sort of Bonnie and Clyde — an exhuberant story set in 1934 involving two poor, smelly kids, their drunken stepfather, bank robbers, a peace officer, a beer-swilling dog, and a clamming … Continue reading

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#Peekers are clamming tools, and The Pied Piper Was…A PEDOPHILE?

 “Bungelosen Strasse!” reminds me of Captain Haddock’s favorite epithet, “Blistering Barnacles.” I’m onto something here. A vaguely fishy, watery pull is strong in the blood that flows through my veins–a tenuous connection to the shores of the Baltic Sea, a vague ancestral memory of the lap of … Continue reading

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Anti-Semitic Children’s Books from the Third Reich

Of about 100,000 Anti-Semitic children’s books printed during the Third Reich, a few copies remain. Elvira Bauer, an 18-year-old art student, illustrated “Trust No Fox on his Green Heath And No Jew on his Oath” — a sad, shocking example of propaganda from someone … Continue reading

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Pay Your Bills, or The Pied Piper might steal your children

Here’s a cautionary tale: pay a guy for his services, as promised, or he might come back and get revenge on you. Taking all a town’s children may seem a little harsh, but this was medieval Germany. The Middle Ages, … Continue reading

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Regulation 19 by P.T. Hylton

Here is one of the best insults in all of novels or movies: In another time and another place, you could have been great. But you never get out of your own way. You have all these ideas brewing in … Continue reading

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“I did not paint it to be understood…”

Originally posted on science fictional:
“The team at the National Observatory of Athens held a survey in 2007, in which they used 554 paintings by 181 painters, dated between 1500 and 1900, representing sun- sets and studied the coloration of…

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“Fair trade helps those in poverty” – Claire Kean

     Claire Kean, junior in apparel, merchandising and design, has also gained experience with the fair-trade industry when she interned at Worldly Goods. “I’ve been so blessed to be so well off. I think that we should help the … Continue reading

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KICK by John L Monk has gone from “permafree” to “Binge Edition”

 Permafree via amazon Every day I scan the daily list of Kindle Free deals. This one caught my eye: **2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter Finalist** Dan Jenkins returns from death for a chance to live again. The bodies of killers … Continue reading

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The Golden Grave by David Lawlor FREE for 3 days

Originally posted on historywithatwist:
My thriller, The Golden Grave (, which is set in the old battlefields of post-World War One Flanders, is FREE for the next three days (April 25-27). It’s a tale of lust, greed and double-dealing (they…

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