The Golden Grave by David Lawlor FREE for 3 days

I discovered David Lawlor via Twitter. Yes, that social media thing people assume to be such a waste of time. I found John L. Monk that way, saw his Retweet of a link to David’s blog, read “history with a twist” and was hooked. This guy loves history! Knows history! Best of all, knows how to bring personalities back from the grave and center stage for us to meet. If his fiction is as compelling as his blogs, David’s novels will be a treat. And now, I must start reading the WWI era novel that’s FREE TODAY, so go to amazon and see if it’s still there now. I found John’s “KICK” that way, and it turned out to be one of the best indie novels all year. No surprise KICK has been shortlisted for the ABNA, Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award for indies. John’s up against Thomas A. Mays for the top award, and watching them square off via Twitter has been a blast. Come join us! And do check out David’s blog, if not his novels. You’ll learn a lot. Best minutes you’ll ever “waste” on the internet.


THE GOLDEN GRAVE My thriller, The Golden Grave (, which is set in the old battlefields of post-World War One Flanders, is FREE for the next three days (April 25-27).

It’s a tale of lust, greed and double-dealing (they say write what you know!) which follows Liam Mannion, the character from my previous novel, Tan. The synopsis for The Golden Grave is below, to give you an idea of what it’s about.

I’d love you to download the book (click on the link above), and I hope you enjoy it. If you would, please share this post.



SYNOPSIS: 1920 – Former British soldier turned republican fighter Liam Mannion is on the run with a price on his head. He looks up with old comrade Ernie Wood, who is being lured back to the battlefields on the Western Front in search of lost gold.

The source of the story is Liam’s former…

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  1. Thanks Carol .. I really appreciate that.


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