“I did not paint it to be understood…”

Sunset over an exploding Volcano – what artist is brave enough to tackle a challenge like that? Henry Turner! In Detroit in 1986 I missed an hour of a workshop (company had sent me) in order to catch the art museum instead of lunch. No cab in sight. Two-mile walk one way. I walked. A stranger pulled over to offer me a ride. I accepted. He was a nice India native. I had to walk the 2 miles back to the hotel, which cost me a workshop, but seeing Turner’s sunset was worth it. Added bonus: the huge Diego Rivera mural. Years later, this incident led me to a science fiction blog–the blessings just keep on going! BONUS! (I’m old enough to know that slang term and old enough to have forgotten what movie or TV show it ever came from.)

science fictional

“The team at the National Observatory of Athens held a survey in 2007, in which they used 554 paintings by 181 painters, dated between 1500 and 1900, representing sun- sets and studied the coloration of the depicted atmosphere, with the aim of providing a new look at the reconstruction of the aerosol optical depth (AOD) before, during and after major volcanic eruptions, during a time when atmospheric observations were largely nonexistent. Considering the fact that sunlight scattered by airborne particles appears more red than green, the researchers found that most pictures with the highest red/green ratios were painted in the 3 years following a documented volcanic eruption.

“The 554 paintings were divided into two groups, “volcanic sunset paintings” and “non-volcanic sunset paintings.” The first group was the main focus of interest of the team; it consisted of 54 artworks by 19 artists, created within a period of 3 years following…

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