A way of responding to life

For the love of God someone pull me away from this sick, sick image!!! Seriously: I can’t stop looking, and no matter how I look at it (sideways, squinting, one eye closed) I can’t make it stop moving.  It makes me sick.

-Hey! Incredible discovery: on my Facebook wall, the image above is HOLDING STILL. That’s even more disturbing to me than the way it will NOT hold still if you click on it and view it at the site. What is going on here? My mind cannot take it.

science fictional

“The science-fictional (sometimes contracted into the usefully awkward term ‘SFnal’) is ‘neither a belief nor a model, but rather a mood or attitude, a way of entertaining incongruous experiences’, Csicsery-Ronay says, a way of responding to life within the artificial immanence of technological saturation…”


Sans soleil asks us to take this lateral drift, working associatively through a travelogue in Japan, reflections on the meaning of footage from Guinea-Bissau and a journey to San Francisco as part of an homage to the meditations on memory and the spiral of time in Hitchcock’s Vertigo (US 1958), and to listen to dissertations on the power of the image to displace or even obliterate history. All this is directed by a female narrator who is reading fragments from the letters of the cameraman who has allegedly taken these shots. Towards the end, the voiceover provides one explanation of the film’s title. Sunless is, or…

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