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Proofread everything. Question everyone. Trust nobody. Assume nothing. As my sister Linda put it: Rip Off!!!! See, you’ve got to be the biggest pain in the butt like ME (i.e., known for questioning and interrogating, complaining or demanding a fix) … Continue reading

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Tornado vs Rainbow

Originally posted on Why is it so…?:
A friend of mine recently posted this to his Facebook wall, and asked me if it was photoshopped or not (like I know anything about photo editing…) Just about everyone on their virtual…

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Charles Manson, “Bigger Than The Beatles” & Kaiser Johnson

Long ago, when Sharon Tate was still alive, Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys found “an intense singer/songwriter” and predicted the guy would become a household name. Wilson was right about the fame, but not the reason for it, because that musician was Charles Manson. http://www.mansonblog.com/2013/04/manson-hopes-to-pay-his-way-with-record.html … Continue reading

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