Mariel Kean graduates “with distinction” but typist flunks

Proofread everything. Question everyone. Trust nobody. Assume nothing.

As my sister Linda put it:

Rip Off!!!! See, you’ve got to be the biggest pain in the butt like ME (i.e., known for questioning and interrogating, complaining or demanding a fix) because someone always screws up and I don’t trust the job to be done easily ever!! Amazing how you ALWAYS gotta be on top of Everything!!! Can’t people just be competent already!!??

Tim shot this photo through the glass of a display case in the hallway:ImageZoom in, and her award reads “Above and Beyond.”The Commencement program left her name out …


Not just once, but twice:


Of course it’s too late to fix it now, but to add insult to injury, when Mariel caught the error in her GPA and brought it to the attention of the school, the counselor scolded us for not catching it sooner. “This is just one example of why we give transcripts and grade reports to students. Seniors have received at least 3-4 transcripts this year and we have talked with them numerous times about reviewing their transcripts and making sure things are accurate. ” By what measure do they imagine students know how to mathematically calculate their cumulative GPAs? How many people can catch a tiny percentage point of an error? It took some time even for the counselor to spot it: “Her summer PE classes messed with the GPA a bit but everything is figured out now.” (Wow. That’s some apology.) “Regarding her awards – she received the Math and World Language Scholar Medals. She also received recognition for President’s Award for Academic Excellence. All awards will be listed in the program for the weekend.” Funny thing is…she was left out. Through no fault of her own. Someone else’s oversight. And the difference between a 3.4 and a 3.88 GPA matters by a magnitude of thousands of dollars, in terms of scholarship awards.

Not to mention that feeling of being left out, which cannot be erased or fixed.

News flash: After I emailed the principal about this, I got an apology from a staff member:

I would like to apologize for Mariel being left off the Graduation Program in the Above and Beyond portion.  This was a clerical error and I will take responsibility for the oversight.  Our database of Above and Beyond recipients consists of several thousand students over the years and when it comes time to pull names for the Commencement program, we sort by graduation year.  Unfortunately, when (the teacher) nominated Mariel last year, she put her graduation year as 2013 and I didn’t catch it reviewing all nominations.

Here is the nomination submitted by (the teacher):

“I had the pleasure of having Mariel in Spanish IV last year and now have her as a TA. She has a passion for Spanish and always goes above and beyond with her work. Every assignment or task I delegate to her is done thoroughly and her work is usually flawless. Currently she is challenging herself outside the classroom by reading a novel in Spanish in her spare time. She is a pleasure to work with.” 

Again, please accept my apology and I hope the graduation was a proud and exciting moment, despite my error.  You have a wonderful daughter who will do great things!


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