Charles Manson, “Bigger Than The Beatles” & Kaiser Johnson

Long ago, when Sharon Tate was still alive, Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys found “an intense singer/songwriter” and predicted the guy would become a household name. Wilson was right about the fame, but not the reason for it, because that musician was Charles Manson.

Now, I’d heard Manson was smitten with the Beatles but not that anyone had ever thought of Manson as an up and coming musician–after all, I was busy thinking other things, like where I might find movies that show off the handsome, talented and amazing Kaiser Johnson. Speaking of up and coming, keep your eyes on this actor! Kaiser

Had I not been googling Kaiser, I wouldn’t have heard about Bigger Than the Beatles,  IMDB entry , for months to come.

Kaiser Johnson posted on Facebook May 13Photo: New photo with my Tex Watson hair for Bigger Than the Beatles, the true story of Charles Manson and the Beach Boys. New photo with my Tex Watson hair for Bigger Than the Beatles, the true story of Charles Manson and the Beach Boys.

I’ve been following Kaiser on Twitter and Facebook ever since I first caught wind of the incredible, fun, ridiculous and awesome indie film series, “Father Dangerous: Bionic Priest” (worthy of its own blog post, coming soon to a blog near you).  While hunting for a trailer (nothing on youtube….hello!) I came across Smiley Smile, a net board I’d never heard of before. “Maybe I was asleep while it happened,” writes Smiley Smile member guitarfool2002, “but has anyone here discussed this upcoming film project?

 Here is a good blog on the subject (even if there’s no mention of Kaiser, much less a photo):    and here’s another Manson song,  “Look at  your Game Girl” via youtube:  [embed][/embed]

NOTE: My own children fail to grasp my interest in Twitter, but consider my rewards. A handsome young actor speaks to me! I tweeted “Must we wait until 2015” for this movie, and got this reply:
 []@KaiserJohnson  to @tea_in_carolina I hope not! I think it’s still actually coming out this fall
It’ll be interesting to see Father Dangerous change to the role of killer Tex Watson.

More on this later. I’m up past bedtime, as usual. Must meet other deadlines before returning to this great story. But first, google it yourself while we wait for that movie to come out!

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5 Responses to Charles Manson, “Bigger Than The Beatles” & Kaiser Johnson

  1. Susan Sloate says:

    Carol — Love your topic, as always — but you must be a little sleep-deprived, because your email introduction describes Manson as a serial killer. Uh–no. He was not a serial killer. He didn’t kill anyone, in fact. He incited other people (his cult) to kill Sharon Tate and the LoBlancos. And even the people he incited to kill were not serial killers. Serial killers have a specific type of profile and they usually kill several different times using the exact same profile. Not at all the case here. The murders were horrible–but not serial killings. I understand Sharon Tate’s mother and sister have shown up at every single parole hearing Manson has ever had–to be sure he stays in prison for life. Good for them.


  2. carolkean says:

    Right you are, Susan. The blood was not on his hands, so even if he premeditated, orchestrated and incited the murders, he is not, technically speaking, the killer. I never could wrap my mind around that one. The most murderous of men dodges the label “murderer.” Do we need a new word that labels him as the murderer he is, even if his hands are clean? By the way, I didn’t find the word serial killer in the blog itself. I may have been using it in a tweet for short-hand, given the 140-character challenge. How many newspaper headlines have you seen with disastrous wording due to those word limits and time constraints and editors’ failure to catch it? Lists of these gaffes have made the rounds via email for years. They’re hilarious (and horrifying). And I”m guilty too. Thanks for pointing it out. I’m about to give up on policing incorrect use of lay vs lie and “for you and I.”


    • Susan Sloate says:

      I’d call that a technicality, Carol. He’s a murderer, whether he wielded the knife or not. I have no qualms about keeping him in prison for life, except that I HATE that people are paying to keep him alive, when Sharon Tate and her baby, and many other people, are dead.


  3. carolkean says:

    Susan, did you really mean ’email’ introduction? Do people get emails about my blog??? I hunted twitter and facebook and still haven’t found that pesky “serial killer” comment. I should let it go, I know. Errors attract more attention than correct information.


  4. carolkean says:

    Mass Murder is indeed distinct from serial killings. I’m grateful when others point out sloppy, inaccurate use of the language. Now I’m still trying to deduce the correct term for a psycho maniac who went on a killing spree and claimed (in court) that a Beatles song made him do it. That old plea “the devil made me do it” hasn’t worked well as an alibi.


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