10 Steps to Make Goodreads Work For You

“The more reviews your book has, the higher that book rises in the algorithms.”

That word again! Algorithms!

“…when a book gets ‘a couple of hundred reviews,’ it increases your chances of being included in the direct emails sent to folks who read in that genre. The best way to take advantage of this perk is to aim to increase the number of reviews and the number of people who put your book on their ‘To-Be-Read’ list.”

No wonder so many authors beg readers to post reviews. The numbers do matter, which is why I’ve started tackling the one-star bandits who routinely download free novels to trash.

Time for me to spend more time at Goodreads. Thanks, Lisa Ann Verge, for this reminder.

Writers In The Storm Blog

By Lisa Verge Higgins

Lisa Verge Higgins Lisa Verge Higgins

Goodreads – with its 18 million rabid readers – is one of the most powerful places for an author to be discovered.

Goodreads is where folks converge to discuss novels, offer recommendations, write reviews, and keep compilations of the books they’ve read and want to read.  Etailers like Kobo and Google feed Goodreads reviews directly into their websites.

Even if you’re not a member, your books are still listed and attracting reviews.  Take advantage of the opportunity to control your own profile and book data and provide information that’ll bring the reader directly to you.

Here’s how, in ten easy steps:

1. Become a Member of Goodreads!

In order to join the Goodreads Author program—where all the perks are—first you have to join Goodreads as a reader.  If you are joining for the first time, I strongly recommend that you use your author name in its…

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  1. logankeys says:

    Love it! Hey Carol I’m off my twitter and FB until Sunday but I did see you tweeting me like a doll! XOXO will return when…I return!


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