Jack Strong by Walter Mosley

NetGalley sent me this novella, which has a provocative book cover and title, an intriguing premise, and an author with years of publishing credentials. It sounded like something from a category I love, best represented (among stories I’ve read so far) by John L. Monk’s novel “Kick.” However, this novel begins in a confusing way, with no obvious indication that the POV shifts from one person to another, and all these personages reside within one man’s head. If you can survive the first few pages, you’ll reach the oddly stitched body of a man with multiple parts from various dead people. It’s a new take on the Frankenstein monster with multiple personality disorder. In every situation, various people comment and offer suggestions on how to respond, and the original man, whoever he is, somehow has to find balance and exercise control over the competing ideas, insights and impulses (some of which are wise, some homicidal). The novella ends quite abruptly, leaving the door open wide to…you guessed it…a sequel. The prose is often clumsy, and I’ll post examples later on. Books that don’t allow Kindle sharing require more time and effort for me to post excerpts. In all, would I pay $4 for this? No, but a lot of others would.

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 bookJack Strong by Walter Mosley

Like most people, I have many faults. Some are minor, others neutral in their effect on me and my life. Among the latter is my somewhat obsessional approach to reading. If I find an author who hits the spot, I try to read all his or her work. Numbered in this select band is Walter Mosley whose work I’ve been reading for the last twenty years. Although I confess to finding some of his science fiction and more metaphorical fiction didactic and less interesting, I have persevered. Which brings me to Jack Strong (Open Road Media, 2014) This boasts the subtitle: A story of life after life. This is novella length and obviously intended as the first two chapters of a novel, which is slightly unfortunate, because unlike a formally constructed short story/novelette which reaches a natural conclusion, this stops rather arbitrarily as our titular protagonist…

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  1. John L. Monk says:

    It does sound interesting 🙂 I like the concept.


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