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10 Steps to Make Goodreads Work For You

Originally posted on Writers In The Storm Blog:
By Lisa Verge Higgins Lisa Verge Higgins Goodreads – with its 18 million rabid readers – is one of the most powerful places for an author to be discovered. Goodreads is where folks…

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Father Dangerous: Bionic Priest (Kaiser Johnson)

The US has the CIA. Britain has MI6. The Catholic Church has Father Dangerous. Kevin O’Brien  “Be careful, Father. These men are dangerous.” “So am I.” Okay, he’s as real as the Six Million Dollar Man (remember Lee Majors? He turned 75 years … Continue reading

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Proofread everything. Question everyone. Trust nobody. Assume nothing. As my sister Linda put it: Rip Off!!!! See, you’ve got to be the biggest pain in the butt like ME (i.e., known for questioning and interrogating, complaining or demanding a fix) … Continue reading

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Tornado vs Rainbow

Originally posted on Why is it so…?:
A friend of mine recently posted this to his Facebook wall, and asked me if it was photoshopped or not (like I know anything about photo editing…) Just about everyone on their virtual…

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Charles Manson, “Bigger Than The Beatles” & Kaiser Johnson

Long ago, when Sharon Tate was still alive, Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys found “an intense singer/songwriter” and predicted the guy would become a household name. Wilson was right about the fame, but not the reason for it, because that musician was Charles Manson. … Continue reading

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