Hit me, Schlag me- with Schlager Musik!

Schlager music (German: Schlager, synonym of “hit-songs” or “hits”)

Kiss of Fire might not be the best example. The melody comes from “El Choclo” composed by Angel Villoldo in 1903, one of the most famous tangos ever written. But I love the Georgia Gibbs version. The Caterina Valente version with Kurt Edelhagen and His Orchestra led me to the Schlager category of music, but it’s so laid back, so lacking in the urgency and tension of the Georgia Gibbs version.

Back to Schlager: it’s a style of popular or electronic music prevalent in Central and Northern Europe, and Southeast Europe (in particular Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Flanders, Republic of Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Switzerland, Turkey, Scandinavia and the Baltic States) and also (to a lesser extent) in France and Poland.

In Portugal, it was adapted and became pimba music.

Lyrics typically center on love, relationships and feelings.



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1 Response to Hit me, Schlag me- with Schlager Musik!

  1. Off to listen to some Schlager…


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