Three Steps For Awesome Indie Success

Three Steps For Awesome Indie Success

John L Monk has a gift for hyperbole. LOVE IT. “Bole” away (hyperly or not), John. Bowl me over with more of your ideas for Awesome Indie Authors who are growing in numbers and establishing a community of Cool Writers who transcend global borders and know good writing, great story, great prose when they see it. And guess what: The exclusive Big House publishers overlook most of the great new talent out there, but talent scouts like John are here to help you find the jewels among the thousands of books out there. GO JOHN, Go Indies!

Click on the link above for more from John. Sneak preview here:

John’s Awesome Indie Project is officially a success. Recently, Carol Ervin cross-promoted the other indies in her 3 part blog series: “Indie Authors: Where are they Now?”

John posted links to my reviews at Amazon, Goodreads and Perihelion, but he left himself out. I have reviewed John’s novels, too. Enough with the humility, John!

Kick and Fool’s Ride

John’s 3 Steps to becoming an Awesome Indie are:

Step 1: Hoard your indies

The project started out with a post at the beginning of the year, which I eventually made a permanent tab at the top:

In this post, I’d tasked myself with reading more indie books, hunting for those gems in the stacks at Amazon that were particularly glittery and bright (to me, of course — this is all very subjective stuff).  I then …. (read more at the site)

Step 2: Promote them

After the indies got on the list, the fun didn’t end there — I tweeted about them, facebooked about them, and badgered them about news on any upcoming books. Every time something big happened in their Awesome Indie lives, I …

Step 3: Keep promoting them

…On November 8th, I have a Bookbub promotion. On November 9th I have an Ereader News Today promotion.  Both are free, for “Kick.”  It’s my hope that the tens of thousands of almost guaranteed downloads of “Kick” will expose those same readers to these Awesome Indies. I’ve also asked these authors to tell me if they ….

For the rest of the story, click on that link… Three Steps For Awesome Indie Success

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4 Responses to Three Steps For Awesome Indie Success

  1. John L. Monk says:

    Thanks for the reblog 🙂 It belongs here anyway! It’s all about you.


  2. carolkean says:

    Arrrghhhh. I’m German, and I can’t win an argument with a guy named Monk?


  3. carolkean says:

    YOU are the sole creator of the Awesome Indie List, and YOU belong on the list, and darn your humility to Heironymus Bosch!


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