“Awesome Indies” debuts on the “Sell More Books Show”

“Awesome Indies” debuts on the “Sell More Books Show”

Kudos to John Monk and all the Awsome Indie authors he’s hand-picked for his list of favorites! Lindy Moone, Carol Ervin, Harvey Click, P.T. Hylton, Mark Capell, and Dan C. Rinnert – and thanks, John, for blogging about the fact that your list got me to read, love and review all the authors here.

My own list is forthcoming. Check out the reviews on my blogs, you can put it all together, but one of these days I’ll take time to rank my favorites. Dr. Gina DeMarco (“The Neanderthal’s Aunt”, A.R. Taylor “(Sex, Rain and Cold Fusion”) and Tam Linsey (“Botanicaust” series) are tops. Amy Rogers, Nancy Kress and other science-loving authors may not be indies, but they’re still high on my list.

Gotta do more blogging, eh? Can’t let John have all the fun without me! And now, back to the Podcasters:

In this week’s episode, Jim and Bryan discussed a trio of tips on where you should focus your marketing, the Awesome Indies Project and using an ACX alternative. The news stories included an audiobook subscription service, product placement in novels, temporary library cards at the airport, self-publishing services contracts and the health of the publishing industry. We also chatted about the launch of Author Marketing Institute and this week’s March to a Bestseller event. Check out the event on Friday, November 7th athttp://bit.ly/marchtab2
Question of the Week: Have you ever paid a company to self-publish for you? If so, were you happy with your experience and why?

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  1. John L. Monk says:

    I absolutely love that you’re going to do a list. When you’re ready, I’ll show you how to put the little pictures and links on the left side (if you choose to go that way).


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