Too squeamish to read Harvey Click horror stories?

Indie Authors: Where Are They Now? (Part 4)

Carol Ervin writes:

Oh, horrors!  … Harvey Click is the only one of John L. Monk’s awesome indies that I have not been able to read … I’m squeamish, the kind of person who hides in the lobby in a theatre or leaves the TV room when a movie gets too intense.

Carol E., you’re not alone. Carol K skips words (skims, speed-reads) when guts and gore form into words on the printed page. Some things, once seen, cannot be unseen, even if (especially if?) you only read and picture the horror as opposed to seeing it with your own eyes in real life.

Harvey Click is one of the greatest writers of our day. I never expected to say that, after judging his books by their covers. Then I dove in, head first, feet first, eyes squeezed tight, nose pinched shut. That woman with the pitch fork reaching into the closet of her missing brother…. eep! Let me just say, on that occasion, nothing gruesome turned up. Yeah. Next page, however, she opened the door to…. yeah.

Love your blog, Carol, and your list of Awesome Indies, John!

About carolkean

novelist, reviewer, editor, book critic for Liberty Island and Perihelion Science Fiction; native prairie/guerilla gardener; champion of liberty, indie authors & underdogs; one of the top two reviewers in Editors &Preditors Poll 2015; Amazon Vine, NetGalley Top Reviewer
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