Happily Ever After

In defense of escapist reading and Happily Ever After, Cedar Sanderson dares to be really subversive. With dystopian fiction so popular, 21st Century readers seem to want doom and gloom. Cedar writes:

What if robots come to life and kill us all? What if nanotech turns the world into grey goo? What if the government regulates every move we make of every day? What if?Taking counsel of our fears can lead to becoming paralyzed by them. What if we develop interstellar travel, and give future generations new frontiers to explore? What if by the deaths of brave men, the road to the stars is paved? What if that new nanotech takes some of the worries and cares of the world away? What if? … Not every story has to be about saving the world. Sometimes a small, slight story, can carry with it a grain of warmth, until a fire is kindled. Warm and fuzzy doesn’t have to be an indictment of a tale. Everyone loves a kitten, after all, and —

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novelist, reviewer, editor, book critic for Liberty Island and Perihelion Science Fiction; native prairie/guerilla gardener; champion of liberty, indie authors & underdogs; one of the top two reviewers in Editors &Preditors Poll 2015; Amazon Vine, NetGalley Top Reviewer
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1 Response to Happily Ever After

  1. Carol Ervin says:

    I agree, which is probably why my historical series is doing well. In bad times, people need warmth and comfort. In good times, they crave excitement. Enough! (Except everyone should read Dell Zero, right?) 🙂


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