Peter Cawdron, guest author at Elena Giorgi’s blog

Elena asks Peter: If you were to travel on a spaceship, what’s the first place you’d go see?

Peter: Earth.

Seriously, we have such an astonishing planet with an incredible array of diversity, from the Himalayas to the Sahara, from the arctic circle to the rainforests of South America. We live in the jewel of the crown. I’d love to see the rings of Saturn, the great spot on Jupiter, the ice volcanoes of Enceladus, but as breathtaking as they would be, I don’t know that you can top Earth. Without exception, the Apollo astronauts that walked on the Moon all marveled at the view of Earth, and that’s quite profound when you think about it. These men had the opportunity to walk on another celestial body, but they marveled at the small blue sphere we call home. I think our wanderlust will take us to the far flung corners of our solar system and beyond, but Earth is without a doubt the #1 destination and we’re already here!

EEG: Best answer ever. 🙂

“Science is a modest hero, transforming our world … ” more at Elena’s blog:


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