Book review: Chimeras – A Track Presius Mystery

I love this novel – love Track, the detective like no other! I also love a flawed protagonist and authentic, plausible science in my fiction. Great review from F.C. Etier!


Sherlock Holmes used logic, reasoning, and deduction.

Philip Marlowe used street smarts and cunning.

Track Presius uses the gift of a genetic anomaly—an animalistic sense of smell.

ChimerasAll three combine their unique gifts with keen observation. Their special abilities enhance their observational skills to amazing and unheard of levels.

Author E.E.Giorgi has created a character whom readers will want to get to know better. (The second book in the series, Mosaics, is now available.) Presius is the kind of man, that if I were a woman—wait, that was Louie’s line from Casablanca.

Track does have a great line regarding his love interest, “anything smells good on her.” This from one who can discern a person’s lunch from yesterday by their breath today.

Giorgi’s thorough research will appeal to readers who enjoy authentic police dialog and behavior, healthcare, and scientific research. The author presents technical information in easy to understand…

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