Africa Fashion Week – Washington DC – #AFWDC inaugural event @KrantoKolection

See the beauty and intricate details of African fabric, textile and design at the maiden edition of  African Fashion Week DC (AFWDC),  a fashion extravaganza featuring African designers, vendors, entertainers, art and businesses, March 19-21, 2015 in DC.

“This is going to be one of the premier events of the year, and the fact that it is our first makes it all the more important to attend, participate and show support,” says AFWDC’s founder & event producer,  Joyce Donkor. “We couldn’t be more excited about holding our first African Fashion Week here in DC and having the opportunity to provide a platform for all stake holders in the fashion, beauty, art and entertainment businesses representing all regions of Africa to showcase themselves.”

Through AFWDC, donations could be made to charitable causes as a way of giving back to the communities in which the respective participants live and do their businesses and beyond.

“Africa is rich in cultural diversity and our goal is to bring positive enriching experiences so guests can gain a better appreciation and love for the continent,” Donkor says.

Tired of the narrative of the African woman being about poverty and disease, Nicole Amarteifio “wanted to see another narrative — one of beauty, glamor and intelligence. I knew I had to do something about it. I couldn’t keep complaining about the problem.” Her solution is  “An African City.” Often described as the continent’s answer to HBO’s popular “Sex and the City” television series, the show follows five fabulous women as they return to their native Ghana following several years living abroad.  

Back to the inauguaral AFWDC event–some of the participants include:

— Claire Kean’s Kranto Kolection @KrantoKolection

— ASA, spearheaded by African Highlife dance fitness

— Sandra Oforiwaah Takyi’s Ohemaa Couture

— Designers Pazel, KEMRiS Collections, and Kirika Hair

Click here for information about registration

Tickets for the event is available online here

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TheAfricanDream‬ is so powerful not because Africa is one of the biggest and resource- wealthiest continents, but because its peoples have the potential to shape the globe positively if they simply allow themselves to believe in the powers of their own potentials! All eyes are on Africa– read your history and know the truth; like this page, follow us on Twitter as @oralofori and remember: #TheAfricanDream is not just for Africans, it’s for humanity!African Fashion Week DC – AFWDC Jagonzytv Nitapop

From painstakingly awkward mockumentaries to gritty city dramas to entertaining profiles of quirky creatives, there’s a whole host of popular shows captivating audiences in Africa and beyond- CNN picks out eight must-see TV or web series from across the continent and the diaspora that you should tune into:

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