The Wrong David: My #KDP_Experiment

“The Wrong David” is in my Kindle, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. So many, many indie authors out there compete for my reading time. Author/blogger Christine Wojo got my attention today with the story behind David and the ease (for her) of formatting and self-publishing. She writes:

Kindle formatting was a snap and Amazon gives you a handy reviewer to point out all of your mistakes. Making changes can still can be tedious because you can’t edit the document within the reviewer. You must make adjustments in Word and then upload the entire document every time you make changes. The good news it that you can upload, check, correct, and re-upload as many times as you want.

Your book cover must be the proper dimensions. This took me some tweaking as well, but it still was easy.

Once you have your book content and cover uploaded, you can add your other information about royalties, payments, etc. It’s all pretty self-explanatory and there are plenty of ‘?‘ symbols you can click on when you don’t know what the heck Amazon is talking about.

After you finish all the steps, your book will go through a review period that can be an agonizing twelve hours long. Don’t wait at your computer screen. It’s like watching water while you’re waiting for it to boil. KDP will send you an email when your book goes live, so get away from the desk and do some laundry or you’ll drive yourself nuts.

After the publishing process, you can still make changes, but beware–you’ll have to wait through that long review process again before the changes will reflect on your book’s page.

Once your book is reviewed and published by KDP, you can create your Author Central page. I highly recommend doing this so buyers can learn all about you without ever having to leave the Amazon website.


I am now in the process of my publishing my book through Amazon’s Createspace to make a print version available for my friends and family who don’t know what an eBook is. However, this process is not so simple. For the cover you must take into account the back of the book and the spine, and formatting the manuscript for print can be a b*tch. Keep in mind, you can’t change the copies that are printed, so you may want professional help before putting up your work here. I am still determined to do it myself. I let you all know how that goes. Pray for me!

So there it is! I published my book from start to finish without spending a penny (except for my editor, don’t skip the editor), and you can too.

If you’d like to buy a copy of The Wrong David click here.

Christa Wojciechowski

The Wrong David by Christa Wojo The Wrong David, my first published work!

It’s official. I am a published author now, albeit self-published, but published nonetheless. I promise to decide on a pen name one day. For now, I’m still Wojo.

Get a copy now! 


The Wrong David is the story of David, who has never really felt at home in the world. He’s awkward and cynical, and stumbles through life medicating himself with alcohol and cigarettes.

His only friend is his oldest buddy from high school, Brian, who is handsome, out-going, and loved by all. Brian has always taken David under his wing and appointed David as CFO of his wine company.

They meet up in Marseilles to tour vineyards and source new wines. There, David indulges in his most powerful vice of all, Brian’s wife, Vanessa.

Vanessa is a goddess in David’s eyes. She is the only thing that makes him want…

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