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Cowboys and Insects; Bug Ranching; Why Not Eat Insects? #entomophagy

A new burger and sausage industry? Not yet: insects are so expensive, only the well-educated and well-to-do are serving them at classy dinner parties. In 1885,Vincent J. Holt published a pamphlet titled Why Not Eat Insects? and 100+ years later, it still hasn’t caught on in … Continue reading

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Quoting Passages in Book Reviews (Battered, Tattered, Yellowed, & Creased )

“If you are an author or publisher who believes I’ve quoted too much or otherwise acted in error, politely contact me and let me know which quotes you think better showcase and promote your work.” –Admiral Iron Bombs? This blogger … Continue reading

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Sam Neumann, The Call of the Mountain / Emails from Heaven

I am smitten with this young author.  Smitten! “A younger and less pretentious David Sedaris,” says amazon reviewer David Peterson (June 20, 2013). “Snarky, witty, funny, incisive, insightful, and spot-on, the way WIRED magazine staffers are” (me, moments ago) En route … Continue reading

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“Just” a cat but not to his human family

This was Tommy, brother of Timmy, who mysteriously vanished after death threats from the neighbor who caught him killing mice and birds in her horse barn. Note the hooves behind Tommy, who was banished to a horse farm five miles away lest he … Continue reading

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Vine Voice reviewer’s epic article on Dystopian Sci-Fi @PerihelionSF

Novelist, software guru and Podcasting icon / Guest-Podster John L. Monk did me the great honor of reading my long essay AND telling the world he LIKES it. I love you John!! John wrote: I felt my brain grow two … Continue reading

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