Sergio! Il profumo della Cultura | The smell of Spring

Our daughter Mariel started flute at age five (on a tiny little Jupiter with a curved head joint). She says the sense of smell is #1 for triggering nostalgic memories, but the sound of music is my trigger.

Only last week, her beloved flute teacher (Margaret Linnan Kegel, 1960-2015) died at 55.    IMG_2428  Mariel has been listening to flute choirs on you-tube ever since. This morning  I happened across the fantastic flautist Sergio. Love at first sight, first sound! WOW!  Wanting more, I searched the internet and found he is GONE. Much too young, too talented, too good in every human way, to die! If there’s a heaven, he and Margaret must be playing duets or side by side in a celestial symphony.

  Featured Image -- 6122 Sergio Zampetti (Milano, 1971 – Saronno, 2014)

My heart goes out to all who knew him, loved him, mourn him, especially MARIA PAOLA DI GRIGOLI ‏who blogs(in Italian) abou Sergio and the smell of coffee in a literary cafe in Rome:

“I could not help but think that ‘smell’ could have the culture.” (Sorry, Google Translante does not do her justice.) ” I sat down to think, which is rare in my daily grind…’inevitable when you stop: the memories come to the surface, with the veil of nostalgia that is sweet and bitter at the same time.'”

caffe-letterario-romacaffe letterario roma


‘Not only the music, which has united us since the days of the Conservatory, but poetry, painting, how many trips, museums visited before – after the concerts, how many wonderful artists met, exchanged opinions that enriched you and left you a sense of fullness and satisfaction!’

Did their moments have a ‘smell’ associated with them? Sergio loved

the “smell of spring”, in the morning of April already warm.

Behold the scent of Culture is the scent of Spring that opens up its heart, because life begins again. I stop at the door of the house early in the morning and breathe in deeply, and something inside tells you that it will be a good day.

I wish it were always spring in Saronno, the fragrance of culture felt in April, but in November, January, always, always! To accompany our lives and help our city to share. How he wanted to Sergio. Thank you all for the support, I embrace you.


Maria Paola Di Grigoli


Mi sono imbattuta casualmente in questo curioso caffè letterario di Roma e non ho potuto fare a meno di pensare quale ‘profumo’ potesse avere la Cultura.  Mi sono seduta a riflettere, cosa alquanto rara nella mia frenesia quotidiana, che forse è un po’ comune a tutti. E’ inevitabile quando ci si ferma: i ricordi riaffiorano in superficie, con quel velo di nostalgia che è dolce e amara allo stesso tempo.

Quanta Cultura vissuta con Sergio! Non solo la Musica, che ci ha accomunato fin dai tempi del Conservatorio, ma la poesia, la pittura, quanti viaggi, musei visitati prima – dopo i concerti, quanti Artisti meravigliosi incontrati, opinioni scambiate che ti arricchivano e ti lasciavano un senso di pienezza e di soddisfazione! Ho cercato di ricordare se quei momenti indimenticabili, il concerto a Ferrara diretto da Claudio Abbado – Martha Argerich solista, le interminabili cene con Aldo Ciccolini, se quei momenti…

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