#AmazonBlocked Declan Finn’s review of Marina Fontaine’s debut novel

Amazon won’t allow an author’s friend to post a review, even cyber-friends who’ve never met face to face. Authors can’t review fellow authors if they’re acquainted and therefore biased? Yet any one-star bandit can say, “Oops, this is a Christian novel. One star,” or “I didn’t get past page one. Two stars.”

This is one of many ways Amazon keeps testing my loyalty.

Declan Finn’s review of Marina Fontaine’s debut novel is blocked because of that word “friend” – so I am here to help others find his review. Excerpts below:

… Chasing Freedom is different from all the other distopias (dystopias) for a number of reasons. The tone is lighter and hopeful. It’s also filled with creative ideas about how to circumvent a dictatorship.  For example, Amish country becomes a safe haven for people fleeing the nightmare that is the urban environment (like New Jersey).  Also, this is a distopia that operates on the level of a Tom Clancy novel, following various and sundry people at multiple levels of the resistance and the political hierarchy — from the schlub in the street, to the grunts running the black sites, to smugglers getting people to Canada.

Despite having all of these characters at all of these levels, they’re easy to keep track of. They have histories, they have easily traced relationships, and they all connect to each other.

Another difference is that this is not outlandish. This is not a delusion. Much of the tyrannical elements are visible from here. You can see these coming. And when you see the ones at the start of the novel, the ones to follow are easier still to see.

And the best difference? This is one book. Sure, there could be more novels, but this is basically it, one novel, one story — a history of a resistance, encapsulated in a few hundred pages. I honestly can’t name you one person who’s done that.

Just do yourself a favor, and buy the book already.

See the complete Review: Chasing Freedom
January 14, 2016




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1 Response to #AmazonBlocked Declan Finn’s review of Marina Fontaine’s debut novel

  1. An author who is in a tweet group that I’m in reviewed my book, A Time of Traitors. I hadn’t asked her to do so, she just went and bought it herself. Amazon blocked her review. I asked her to try to post it on Goodreads, but that doesn’t appear to have worked wither. Bummer


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