Be Scared of Me for Free, or for 99 cents (Lindy Moone, Hyperlink from Hell)

If Lindy Moone signs her brilliant novel over to Kindle Unlimited AND lowers the price to 99 cents (and not just for a limited time only), other authors should be afraid. Or inspired. Or hitting the “Buy Now” button as fast as they can. This woman is quirky, wacky, original, witty, yet coherent, with the most polished and typo-free novel I’ve seen in forever. Oh, it’s a TERRIFYING novel, with a killer and a man who may or may not be dead and bodies piling up at a mental facility housed in a Gothic mansion that exists in real life (the author’s grandfather owned or ran this place!). But don’t mind me. Go visit the link to Lindy’s blog. Here’s a little teaser:

…. I really want to know: Are you scared of me? Here’s your chance to find out: I just put Hyperlink From Hell in Kindle Unlimited at Amazon, which means if you are a subscriber to that you can get it for free, read it for free, and be scared of me for free. For those of you who are not subscribers, I lowered the regular Amazon Kindle price to 99 cents.And that’s pretty scary for me! Click me. Click me now.What are you afraid of? It’s not like I know your address. But, for your information: I still have that hatchet. And a shovel.

And this:

The evidence is conclusive: some people are terrified of … authors. So, let’s explore why that might be, using myself as an example:

1. They fear I will put them in my next novel …

2. They fear that a mind that is willing to go there — and you know where, if you’ve read Hyperlink From Hell — could snap at any moment, or is already the mind of a serial killer….

3. They are terrified of saying the word “intimidating”, so they say “terrifying”….

4. In person, it’s my Hermione Granger hair they’re scared of…

5. They think I’m not normal. (Bless their hearts! They think there’s such a thing as “normal”! They probably also think male Koala bears are cuddly non-rapist-peaceniks and that chimps wouldn’t rip their faces off and eat them!) (Oh, crap, now I’M scared of me!)

6. They really are trying to compliment me by saying I’m terrifying. (Now I’m scared of them.)


Source: Are You Scared of Me?

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