3 Brilliant Women Who Should Write More Fiction

Three of the most intelligent authors I’ve read have published only one novel: A.R. Taylor (Sex, Rain, and Cold Fusion) , Gina DeMarco (“The Neanderthal’s Aunt“) and Janet Eve Josselyn (“Thin Rich Bitches”). DeMarco (a pen name) has a Ph.D. in medicine. Josselyn is an attorney and an architect. Taylor has a Ph.D. Please write more fiction, ladies! ūüôā

I’m not counting E.E. Giorgi¬†because she’s prolific (thank you, Elena!). @eegiorgi

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It occurs to me that all three of these fabulous novels and authors came to my attention via the Kindle daily newsletter, and all were “Free Today,” and all so good, I have since bought copies for friends. Indie Authors, if you think these Free and On Sale Today deals¬†are costing you money, consider how many new readers you gain this way.

Twitter is a great place to find new authors, new books – e.g.¬†8 Jul 2015¬†¬† and laugh-out-loud funny! THIN RICH BITCHES is “irreverent & hilarious!”

Oh, good news!! This tweet just in from A.R. Taylor: “Agent is shopping my 2nd book The Good Girl’s Revenge and finished a new one Jenna in Flames” – I can’t wait to read these! Agent, eh? Good for the author (and the big publishing houses should be fighting over Ann ¬†R.Taylor), but good for the reader if an author goes “indie” and publishes without going through all those hoops. Feed us¬†now, not later, right? #IndieLovers back me up here. Buy and review books to motivate authors to keep delivering the goods!

819cu99dm2l-_ux250_ A. R. Taylor is an award-wining playwright, essayist, and fiction writer. She was head writer on two Emmy award-winning series for public television.

Gold Medal Winner Best Regional Fiction IPPY Awards (2015)
Award-Winning Finalist in the “Fiction: Literary” category of the 2015 USA Best Book Awards (2015)

Twitter: A.R. Taylor  @lonecamel I write books and make funny videos   To learn more visit lonecamel.com

Prepare to meet physicist David Oster, a big thinker, a charming cad who flees Caltech and his three girlfriends for the Pacific Northwest, pastoral fantasy firmly in hand. Whatever will he do with all that rain, yet another beautiful woman, and several crazy physicists intent on his ruin? Obviously he needs to discover some entirely new physics principle, as yet unnamed, but can he deliver?

“An unpredictable, winningly bizarre academic satire.” — Kirkus Reviews


51y52uwGHKL._SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA160_[1]Gina DeMarco (no photo!) is the pen name of a real-life scientist working in the field of DNA sequencing. She has a doctorate degree in biology and enjoys writing in her spare time. She keeps her identity secret.

Twitter: ¬†Gina DeMarco¬†¬†@DrGinaDeMarco¬† Author of The Neanderthal’s Aunt, Genomics, Women In Science, Humor, Science Fiction


Sara Nicoletta, a level-headed biologist, is about to become the aunt of a Neanderthal baby. Or so her sister Liz says. A mad scientist at¬†Barlas Labs plans to¬†recreate the long-extinct species from its DNA sequence. Liz, recently widowed, wants¬†to be their first customer. Her socialite friends (with all their trendy political and moral convictions) applaud her decision. Sara, however, thinks it’s a baaad idea for many reasons.

Soon the project (and the paprazzi) take over her  life, compromising her privacy and threatening her reputation as a serious researcher. Worse, Sarah finds herself coming head to head with Theo Barlas himself, the enigmatic founder of Barlas labs.

Written by a scientist, THE NEANDERTHAL’S AUNT combines cutting edge biology with an incorrigible dog, intermittent veganism, and a little light bondage to ultimately tell the story of two sisters who become fundamentally divided on the question of what it means to be human.


THIN RICH BITCHES pokes fun at ¬†women who spend fortunes trying to stay beautiful, manage¬†the lives of their children, animals, lovers and husbands, and¬†outdo each other while fighting to be¬†“top dog” (ahem) of the social scene. Recently divorced, middle-aged mom¬†Pippin inherits a country home but is at¬†the bottom of the social heap in her new community. Seeing¬†how other women spend their money inspires Pippin to create a service that makes her¬†¬†the most sought after person in Dover.

616po9y1mvl-_ux250_ Janet Eve Josselyn graduated from Colby College, Harvard Graduate School of Design and Boston College Law School. She is an attorney and an architect. She has published one novel, Thin Rich Bitches, set in the town where she lives (which explains why she has no friends). She blogs for The Huffington Post.

You can find my reviews at goodreads or elsewhere in this blog. These are funny novels with fun characters with memorable lines (see my Kindle Highlights page).

Twitter: janet josselyn  @janetjosselyn1  architect, attorney, Huffington Post blogger:

  • Janet Eve Josselyn¬†Architect, attorney, badass mother writer and the author of an irreverent novel, Thin Rich Bitches.


Readers, add more to this list – tag¬†me on Twitter¬†@tea_in_carolina¬†with your recommendations please¬†and thanks!¬†NOTE: Being a gorgeous brunette with a PhD is not a requirement. ūüôā¬†



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  1. EE Giorgi says:

    Great post, and I already know Gina of course because you introduced us! ūüôā Thanks for the mention, Carol!


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