“Talking to Luke” raises $ for Tazewell 501(c)3 nonprofit Animal Rescue

Proceeds from the sale of this book will go directly to animal rescue in Southwest Virginia. The need is very great. If you purchase this book in print or electronic form, you will play a vital role in the very real lifesaving efforts underway in Appalachian communities to save animal lives.

Diane Ryan is a pseudonym for a very real person living and writing in the mountains of Southwest Virginia. When you buy “Wingspan” (“Luke” is now FREE), all proceeds from all sales benefit Tazewell ARC.61FuCVpfmVL._UX250_[1]

In the past, Diane has rescued horses and wildlife (birds and small mammals), but now she focuses on dogs imperiled by cultural indifference toward animals in Appalachian communities. She is the Executive Director of a 501c3 rescue that regularly transports unwanted dogs from areas of shelter overcrowding to regions of high demand, where No Kill methods are firmly established. Her organization is a member of the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies and a Best Friends Network Partner.

On Facebook (March 13, 2016) she posted:

Those of us who work closely with ARC are tired. We’ve worked for three years to bring positive changes to this county where its animals are concerned. And looks like we finally may have gotten what we wanted. But it came at a price. We are exhausted. We’re broke. And we’re darn near burned out. We’re not quitting — not by a long shot — but we’ve crawled out on the last limb we’ll be crawling out on for a good long while to come. Rescue will continue. But how available we are at the beck and call of a community who only remembers us when it needs something. . .well, that remains to be seen.1edc3cfa-7362-4be8-b4df-aaabff379129_profile

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the people who have hung in here with us, who didn’t get caught up in petty drama or believe the lies. Tazewell ARC will never, EVER play politics, not if it means animals suffer one day longer than they have to because of it.

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In the novels, Tania goes from ghost-hunting (she does have a way of adopting strays!) to Animal Rescue when a fluffy white dog named Kobi enters the picture.


Nero the cat, Astrid the kitten, and the rescue dog in “Wingspan” – you’ll want to meet these characters and the humans who love them.

And just wait until Diane Ryan’s all-new novel, “High Kill,” comes out:

A series of murders in rural Appalachia points to one thing–someone is
killing because they like it, and they’ve had more than a little practice
in the art of ending lives.
Local corruption is as much a suspect in the case as any person of
interest. TV news reporter Taylor Beckett lands the story, but it doesn’t
take long before she comes face to face with the Mountain Mafia, a
disorganized network of dirty cops and rotten politicians who intimidate
their entire community into silence. Authority remains vested in the local
prosecutor, but when the Randall County Commonwealth Attorney can’t be
moved to follow up on information that points to a local “good old boy” as
the killer, Taylor must find alternative ways to expose the truth.

The truth, as we all know, is often best told via fiction.


41b3tjfjczl-_uy250_    Phenomenal. Fantastic!! I’m smitten with Luke and his story. So swept up in it, so captivated, I dropped everything else in my Kindle queue, failed to write a second review of the month for Perihelion Science Fiction and barely made the deadline for the first review. Luke is so compelling, I’d put my life on hold to hear just a few sentences from him every once in a while, which is sort of what Tania does in this ground-breaking novel, “Talking to Luke.”54552744_1392321215

I have a long list of fantastic lines excerpted from the prose, but so many of them would be spoilers. I must sift through them all and post whatever is “safe” to post. That could be tricky. Luke and Tania are so sizzling and electric, I’m afraid my Kindle will explode if I try the Kindle Highlight feature.

I’ve posted a much longer, more detailed review…

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