The Maestro aka Winslow Wixin


My grandson, Winslow, is the son of a native of Liberia. On both his mother’s and father’s side, this American has ancestors from all over the world.


Winslow now has a baby sister, Chiyamina, born Dec-2017
Chiyamina one week Capture  Chiyamina Day One

Winslow at the age of one week (in tux), then one month (with Liberian great-grandpa), then 2 months (his maternal great-grandpa is a farmer of German descent):

:winslow-in-tux-14344814_10210454253415297_4671954059606688489_n 15781335_10211651399950462_6115436674016212878_n[1]  15672613_10211616525158614_7264915672741688611_n[1]

His great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather left Dublin, Ireland, in 1800, for New York; he married an Algonquin named Ruby; he bought land from the Sac and Fox tribe in Cedar Rapids and operated a ferry with his brother Aaron, who married Ruby’s sister Sarah; Ushers Ferry Road is named after this family.

860951_388366931261109_1525897664_o[1]   15036402_10211162954939642_3528449382187296224_n[1].jpg  15027832_10211162953859615_7611573007526620130_n[1]

Joseph Usher, ~1820    Emil Henry (mom’s side), ~1920    Kean, ~1940

17021796_10212268325133206_6901195941704280737_n[1]   15036639_10211162928458980_8034514105171824263_n[1].jpg

His mother’s mother’s mother was the daughter of Demro men (Alt Damerau, Prussia):

1456619_10206991690084876_1793938061284579604_n[1] World War I – Left to right top: Doc Clayton Paul Demro Joe . Bottom : George Walsh **Charles Demro** maternal great-great-grandfather of Winslow

Ruth Usher “stole” her sister’s boyfriend, Paul. Cassie married Paul’s brother Charles. Two brothers married two sisters. Cassie’s only daughter was six months old when pneumonia put Cassie in the hospital (she died there), and JoAnn was raised by her Aunt Ruth and Uncle Paul, along with various other aunts and uncles, while her father was gone all week laying brick. The Demros, for generations, have been masons, and many Iowa buildings (banks, offices, homes) were built by Demro men.

1979880_10206991706045275_40964164551347180_n[1]Top row **Cassie** and Ruth Usher. Front row: Barbara and May Demro

11068077_865288140205082_3375651412016620269_o[1]The Demro Brothers at their mother’s funeral
LtoR: Carl, Ralph, Paul, Joe, Chris, Charles, Roy, Allen

Claire’s father’s parents, Vincent and Eleanor Kean (World War II)

16508023_10212032214070577_1095310258728245949_n[1] 16473893_10212035179624714_4018034260147701561_n[1] 16508757_10212035138063675_7740828958241883474_n[1]

16508957_10212038019735715_2169483277979032995_n[1] 16472873_10212033514983099_205955431602268700_n[1].jpg 16406813_10212037839971221_3846636642906650711_n[1]


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2 Responses to The Maestro aka Winslow Wixin

  1. Carol Ervin says:

    He obviously already has something on his mind! Congratulations to all.

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  2. jrewing58 says:

    He’s absolutely beautiful! So much hair! It’s as if he’s thinking “I know exactly what you’re up to!” Thank you for sharing, and PLEASE share many more!!! Yes, we want to see them!

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