New Bookcafe in Chicago: Entrepreneurial Sisters Are Living a Dream @volumesbooks

Volumes Bookcafe in Wicker Park is impossible for me to walk by.Though carrying groceries (raw chicken!) I had to pop in.

14992010_10211079528774040_4672625725727456933_nI reviewed an ARC of Hag-Seed for NetGalley before it hit the bookstores. Cool to see it on display!

Postcards, handwritten and signed by employees, give a quick synopsis of new books. What a concept! 14956652_10211080202950894_7964835073065737691_nIt’s the personal touch that makes Indie book stores so much fun. Add coffee and baked goods, and I could stay all day. Better yet, I’d start my own book cafe. For years I’d thought of doing it myself, but the perfect venue flunked the Location Location Location test. I’m no business entrepreneur, but a lot of young people are, these days.

Two sisters, having lived in Chicago neighborhoods for years, dreamed of creating a store that would complement existing niche bookstores. Rebecca and Kimberly had book-related careers in academia but dreamed of bringing their passion for learning and reading into the community at large. Now they’re living the dream.

nanowrimopicecca   Erin

They’re even hosting NaNoWriMo: Every day a new writer and a new chapter! Check back daily for the newest installment! Once the month is over, look forward to a printed copy and a party in the new year!

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

If my sister Julie were still here (she’d be sixty this year, not frozen in time at almost 19), she’d have been my writer-reader soul mate. Ah, Julie! Maybe there’s such a thing as life after death, and spirits guiding the living, and maybe you led me to this book cafe.


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