Prince and Bear, Collies Extraordinaire


Prince, born 2-Nov-2015 (sable and white);  Bear, born 25-Jan 2016 (tri-color)



13240144_10209576385996410_8199786013913883364_n 15726820_10211671610135704_7162337843729589309_n

Who looks like an Ursus americanus aka American Black Bear? Our Bear!

blackbearusfw5 15723477_10211671610295708_159076516980471957_o

“Used Dog” or Second-Hand Puppy, much cheaper than a brand-new Collie 🙂 We adopted Bear and drove an 8-hour trip one Sunday to buy him from a young couple who found him a bit much to handle. The ad:

10 month old male long-haired collie for sale! He’s in his tween phase and is beautiful! Tri-colored (black, white, and tan) with black and tan markings. He’s very smart like all collies and can be easily trained! He’s great with people and loves everyone. The reason we’re selling him is that we have our own baby on the way and can’t take care of both! Looking for a loving home and family 🙂 He is up-to-date on vaccinations and has been neutered. Please contact for info and if interested! Price includes large crate, some toys, and food/water dishes. – (The 3 photos below are theirs) –


Bear comes from a Kansas City breeder, Bailey’s Collies, with a royal lineage: “Father has 6/15 points for his champion title. Mother’s bloodline was imported from Italy and is stacked full of International Champions and some American Champions as well. Both parents are simply gorgeous with great temperaments.”

Sire: Bailey’s World Class “Onyx”; Dam: Bailey’s “Mystic Steel Blue Dandy” – I don’t even know the names of Prince’s sire and dam, and he’s neutered anyway, but I have no doubt he’s “world class.” 15622684_10211603348229199_8236806785185708033_n


15895535_10211780363414468_5103344997174130184_o 15896201_10211780363374467_2657136835235786210_o Salt and Pepper shakers15800059_10211671610255707_1601921647463368953_oCutest PawPrints – I can’t wouldn’t have believed they were real but I saw them appear and disappear one damp day.

“Puppies come with • akc micro-chip• vaccinations• health guarantee• health records• puppy food• starter kit … ”




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