He won! Science Fiction Fans, your ~VOTES~ counted! P&E polls 2016

Chet Gottfried you totally deserve first place! CONGRATULATIONS!


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The amazing Chet Gottfried, photographer, novelist, short story writer and contributor to Perihelion, shared some of his secrets for capturing incredible, gorgeous, and amazing images of bugs (not the staph kind, but spidery and insecty bugs)in the November 2016 issue of Perihelion. But then – alas – while filming a glider landing, Chet stood too close to its path.  “A wingtip knocked me over and broke several vertebra in my neck   (C2, C5, C6, and C7),” he writes. “C2 means I’m wearing an oversize neck brace; the other ones resulted in some nerve damage to my upper right arm (at first useless) and two fingers. All will be brought to rights. It’s only a question of time (along with the work of some excellent doctors and physical therapists).”

Diane Ryan, you also earned a Top Ten badge on your first published science fiction story!

#10. Space Horses, Diane Ryan, Perihelion SF Magazine, [link][comments]

While I did nominate some of the winners, other people nominated a lot of writers whose short stories premiered in Perihelion, or whose novels were reviewed here. These authors earned high praises from the Perihelion Book Critic:

Standings for Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

2. Titanborn, Rhett Bruno, Random House Hydra, [link][comments]
7. Into the Horsebutt Nebula, Chet Gottfried, ReAnimus Press, [link][comments]
10. Machinations, Hayley Stone, Hydra/Random House, [link][comments]
11. TreeVolution, Tara Campbell, Lillicat Publishers [comments]

26. CTRL ALT Revolt!, Nick Cole, Castalia House, [link]

And these esteemed authors, though I ran out of time to review these particular novels:

13. Liquid Gambit, Bonnie Milani, Createspace, [link][comments]

20. Ghosts of the Golden Triangle, Mord McGhee

Magazine/e-zine Cover Artwork #2. Daniel Beaudin

fullcover050   12-DEC-2016 On many alien worlds the Earth legend of Santa Claus is eagerly adopted, often with some minor variations to suit the local culture.  Cover by Daniel Beaudin.  [link][comments]

Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Stories

6. Snow Sharks, Mord McGhee, Perihelion SF Magazine, [link][comments]

7. Quantum Rose, Jude-Marie Green, Perihelion, [link]

10. Space Horses, Diane Ryan, Perihelion SF Magazine, [link][comments]

12. An Undiplomatic Incident, Paul R. Hardy, Perihelion SF Magazine, [link]

In other news:

1. The Horror Zine, as always, got the most reader votes, followed by #2. InD’Tale Magazine,  #3. Perihelion




And now, back to my obsolete post

Critters / Critique.org is once again happy to host the annual P&E Readers Poll. predlogoThe Preditors & Editors™ Readers’ Poll honors print & electronic publications published during 2016. The poll opens Dec. 24 through Jan. 14.  Check back for final results to be posted soon after the poll closes!

The usual #1 finisher has a much wider audience than science fiction does. For sure, she is hard working, passionate, and helpful to writers who aren’t quite there yet, with reams of comments from voters. Rightfully, she has been recognized and honored, every year. FOR A CHANGE, if only this one time, this one year, it would be awesome to see an equally deserving editor claim that honor.

#1 Ezine Editor sam-and-rana  1401

In September, Sam was rushed to E.R. and nearly died of a mysterious bone infection. He spent his seventieth birthday in Rehab, the following weeks in a wheelchair, yet he sounded cheerful and upbeat through all the pain. Now he’s walking again on his own two legs. Despite all the disruptions, the lost time, and the hazards of nature that trap a wizard of a mind in an aging, i.e. physically declining human body, the December issue of “Perihelion” was one of the best ever.

 Just once I’d love to see Sam take FIRST PLACE for his stellar job launching Perihelion Science Fiction ezine, offering it free online, yet paying professionals for fresh, original cover art, comics, short stories, reviews, and nonfiction essays.

~BONUS: Voters are automatically entered into a drawing for prizes from sponsors~ 

Note: your name and email address will be required to vote to prevent fraud. Entries for each category are listed in alphabetical order.  Click on these links:

http://critters.org/predpoll/fictionzine.shtml – Fiction Magazine/e-zines page

Cinsearae S. [link][comments]
David Stegora [link]
Don Webb [link]
Jeani Rector [link][comments]
Jessica West [link][comments]
Joanie & Jenni B [link][comments]
Julie Ann Dawson [link]
Michele Dutcher [link]
Sam Bellotto Jr. [link][comments]

To cast your vote, you must type in a legit name and email address (it won’t get sold to scammers!), then prove you’re not a bot by typing a name into a little box. Soon you’ll get an email asking you to verify your vote. It’s worth it. (Your name might even be drawn for a prize!)

You can also take a minute to type a comment next to Sam’s name. E.g.

— I vote Sam Bellotto because of his commitment and passion for writing and his pleasure in sharing good science fiction for free, online…

–a good eye for talent.

–The essence of what a good editor should be.

–Sam is a professional, helpful editor who produces a high quality e zine offering an excellent variety of work.

–Sam Bellotto is not only a great author in his own right, he is an editor with an uncanny eye for the best short stories.

–A consummate professional and multi-talented writer.

–Sam Bellotto rocks

–Bellotto is a professional, thorough and supportive editor with an eye for detail.

–Sam Bellotto has a good eye for the unusual.

— Sam is one of the very few editors who will actually include helpful comments on his rejection letters.

–Sam is definitely a top-notch editor.

–Sam Bellotto has been the best editor I’ve had the pleasure of working with.


— Sam is a marvelous editor. I sent him two mediocre stories and he was patient enough to tell me why they didn’t work. He’s helped me shape stories into publishable, and readable, texts.

–I’ve worked with several editors of online magazines and Sam is, by far, the best editor I’ve worked with. He has a great eye for detail and knows how to help writer cultivate a story. He’s both accepted and denied my stories and I’m better for what he’s done for my work.

–Sam Bellotto is one of the few editors that will actually work with the writer on creating the best possible story for the ezine.

— a great eye for talent. This is a must go-to page every month!
THANK YOU, Critters / Critique.org, for hosting the annual P&E Readers Poll.

Good luck to all entrants!





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