Confidentially, DON’T READ THIS


This is only a test.

I believe I could publish international secrets in my blog, and they’d be safer here than in the Pentagon’s email servers. Why? Hardly anyone reads my blog, unless I send a link, and even then, without a bribe — e.g., “Look! You’re mentioned here!” — I can safely say that nothing I blog about has ever attracted attention unless I purposely SOUGHT that attention. Even if I post links onTwitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, I’m still confident I could publish CONFIDENTIAL stuff and it’d be hidden in plain sight.

Then again, I don’t usually publish anything negative about the living.

I’m grateful to Vicki in New York, “KoolAidMoms” in Michigan, novelists David Lawlor (Dublin, Ireland), Beth Camp (the West Coast),  John Monk, Carol Ervin, and Diane Ryan  (Virginia, or close enough), and “American novelist/ outlaw traditionalist” Mord McGhee (whereabouts unknown to me, unless I trawl the internet). Thanks for reading me, my friends. If I missed any loyal readers, my apologies – I’m only glancing at recent comments on my blogs.

Why do I bring this up?

Someone believes I posted something that made someone look bad, and that I left “obvious” clues as to who I was talking about. In fact, I was excoriated for it. I’ll apologize for the *way* I say things, but what I said needed to be said, or I’d have “Put Up and Shut Up” like the “good girl” my German forebears expected me to be.

Consultants are paid exorbitant fees for offering the observations, insights, and research that I offer, for free, but it never ceases to amaze me: the more a novelist or a business or a corporation professes to welcome customer feedback or reviews, the more sensitive and defensive the recipient will be if “Be Honest” is offered.

LESSON: Let others suffer. NOTE TO SELF: Never offer constructive criticism, unless it’s couched with the kind of disclaimers I see as a waste of time, at best. (At worst? Nope, not gonna say. Not even here, in the blog that could contain international secrets, and who’d notice?)

If anyone wonders what I’m talking about, specifically, it doesn’t matter. One author yanked his novel down from amazon after I gave it a 3-star review, and 3 means the book is “okay,” not terrible, but the world is full of sensitive, defensive, and militant people.

Therefore, I resume my hermitude. TTFN!








About carolkean

novelist, reviewer, editor, book critic for Liberty Island and Perihelion Science Fiction; native prairie/guerilla gardener; champion of liberty, indie authors & underdogs; one of the top two reviewers in Editors &Preditors Poll 2015; Amazon Vine, NetGalley Top Reviewer
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4 Responses to Confidentially, DON’T READ THIS

  1. koolaidmoms says:

    If an author pulled their book down after one so-so review there are bigger problems for them to deal with. Everyone isn’t going to like everything we do and that is a lesson they should have learned long ago.


  2. Well, I for one think your blog is wonderful: smart, well-written, funny, heartfelt, honest and an important service to the reading public. One reason I don’t do a blog is because there are so many, and so many good ones, one of which is yours. I hope you use your hermitude to concentrate on your own fiction and that you keep in touch with your earliest fans.


    • carolkean says:

      Oh, THANK YOU, Deborah! I’d vowed never to blog for the exact reason that EVERY author has one and invites people to subscribe to it. So I just blog when I feel like it about any topic I wish, mostly as a way to preserve my thoughts in a safer place than the file cabinet in our basement, which got flooded in 1993 and I lost almost everything from first grade on. Lesson: filing your words in the BOTTOM DRAWER is a bad idea. Letters from my grandma, one drawer up, also got soaked in raw sewage. How fleeting our thoughts, how ephemeral our attempts to preserve them – but your ancestor *Agnes* lives on in many copies of your novel, beloved by many readers!! (“Our lives are but a single breath; we flower and we fade”)

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  3. Carol Ervin says:

    I think people’s skin thickens only with time and experience, and probably many go public before they’re ready for backlash. Look at our president-elect and how he lashes back at criticism. That can’t be healthy, especially for one who got almost half the votes in the election.
    I didn’t ask the one-star reviewer of “Ridgetop” why he didn’t notice the cover or read the book blurb, since he based his rating on the fact the book was not in the historical series. Duh? On the other hand, if I received only one and two stars, I’d probably pull my books too. I’m not that tough. 🙂
    Thanks for your post!


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