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Novelist/Good Samaritan saves dog hit by car, needs $; bonus, a 5-star book review

Dog hit by car; owner refuses to pay for dog’s broken leg; novelist adopts dog, seeks help raising money for Saving Ludo’s Leg Here is the novelist’s story: Adriana Hartelt Boettcher on Facebook, June 7, at 8:15pm · What I … Continue reading

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“A Traveler from an Antique Land” by Harvey Click – SciFi from a horror master!

@KeithDrawsCoverArt A Traveler from an Antique Land by Harvey Click “After years of writing nothing but horror, I’ve written a science-fiction/fantasy adventure novel.” – Harvey Click I’m thrilled to hear it! Horror is my least favorite genre, with guts and gore, … Continue reading

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“Not the Usual Crazy” (First African in Space scam as Freewriting Prompt)

 I WAS A PRISONER in my father’s kitchen, all the walls and windows covered in tinfoil, table buried under antique ham radio equipment. “Someone has to go check on Dad,” my brother had said. “He’s not answering his phone or email.” … Continue reading

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