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Hitler’s Female Accomplices

“Thirteen million women provided idealogical and practical support to one of the world’s most evil social programmes. Not all of them were innocent bystanders to what took place.Yet, when Hitler’s forces were finally defeated, these same women returned to their … Continue reading

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Death Panels: A Novel of Life, Liberty and Faith by Michelle Buckman

In 1994, Michelle Buckman wrote a dystopian novel called Liberty, decided it was “too unbelievable for the reading public to swallow,” and didn’t even try to publish it. Fifteen years later, her story suddenly looked believable. President Obama had proposed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and … Continue reading

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UNDERLAKE by Kia Heavey

Kia Heavey is blessed with a rich imagination and story-telling skills. Her adult novel (Night Machines) is filled with vivid imagery, dreamy and unforgettable. Her second novel (Underlake), for teen readers, also startles with dreamy, sometimes disturbing, always unforgettable images. … Continue reading

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My review of this novel will go live in the April 2014 issue of Perihelion Science Fiction–   

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One of the smartest, funniest, most upbeat novels I’ve ever read, wise and insightful–and it’s an indie novel! **NEWS FLASH: today, July 11, 2014, I found Anne Taylor’s Facebook page and Twitter too!! . Fans of The Neanderthal’s Aunt (another … Continue reading

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Miss Alice Merriwether’s Long Lost Cakes… Barry Aitchison

Australian Barry Aitchison was a loyal member of the Internet Writing Workshop. His wit and humor kept us on our toes, challenged and entertained, sometimes offended, never bored. He’s the first workshop member I know of to just…die…on us. A … Continue reading

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