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Hit me, Schlag me- with Schlager Musik!

Schlager music (German: Schlager, synonym of “hit-songs” or “hits”) Kiss of Fire might not be the best example. The melody comes from “El Choclo” composed by Angel Villoldo in 1903, one of the most famous tangos ever written. But I love the … Continue reading

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Caveman’s Cameo in “Convent Mermaid” collection of poems by Rod Usher

What could be cooler than a mermaid in a convent? A Cro-Magnon man in a book of poems titled Convent Mermaid!       SPOILER ALERT: the bearded man in the photo is not the Cro-Magnon. Rod Usher´s poems regularly appear in … Continue reading

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The Edge Of The Woods by Ceinwen Langley

Rarely do I download a “Free Today” novel, start reading it at bedtime, get hooked, and finish the book by dawn. Something about the narrative voice kept me listening to Emma’s story. Cienwen (pronounced Kine-Wen) Langley, your wish is fulfilled: … Continue reading

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German Engineering, Underground Messerschmidt Factories in WWII, DNA

Germany, perhaps the most hated nation of WWI and WWII, is notorious for unthinkably evil deeds and inhumanly awful experiments on actual people. American citizens with German last names were scorned, shunned and unemployable for years. My DNA is mostly German, with a bit of … Continue reading

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