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Jack Strong by Walter Mosley

Originally posted on Thinking about books:
book Like most people, I have many faults. Some are minor, others neutral in their effect on me and my life. Among the latter is my somewhat obsessional approach to reading. If I find…

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Karski reported the Holocaust but no one believed him

A fragment of the book cover of Jan Karski “Secret State” published in Russian , photo: mat. promotional, ed. Corpus. Jan Karski is known in Poland, but unknown in the rest of the world.,-Jan-Karski-Polak-ktory-chcial-powstrzymac-Holokaust In the midst of World War II, Jan Karski was … Continue reading

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Adolf Hitler and the Battle of Little Bighorn

Originally posted on historywithatwist:
Popular depiction of ‘Custer’s Last Stand’ You may not think the words in the headline above belong in the same sentence, but history throws up some intriguing links sometimes. This one caught my eye a while…

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NetGalley Reviews by Widget-Challenged Luddite Carol Kean

NetGalley, I’m sorry I can’t figure out how to add your widget to my blog site. I’ve been working on it all afternoon.  NetGalley provides digital review copies to professional readers, including booksellers, librarians, media, bloggers, reviewers and educators. … Continue reading

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Black Ops Chronicles: Dead Men Don’t by Pepper O’Neal

Coming June 28 2014: Book Two in the Black Ops Chronicles series, sequel to Dead Run, titled Black Ops Chronicles: Dead Men Don’t. This is Levi’s story and he’s Pepper O’Neal’s favorite character (mine too!) — “So the book was really fun,” Pepper tells us. … Continue reading

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Foo Fighters of WWII remain an unsolved mystery

This rare photo of “foo fighters” shows UFOs of the World War II era. Reports of these objects were kept secret until 1944. –Fortean Picture Library A little remembered cartoon character named Smokey Stover used to declare, “Where there’s foo, there’s fire.” … Continue reading

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Kiss Me, I’m Dead by J.G. Sandom – a novel based on 1904 fire of General Slocum steamship

The General Slocum disaster is one of the greatest tragedies in American history. On June 15, 1904, hundreds of residents of Kleindeutschland (Little Germany), the Lower East Side’s thriving German community, boarded the excursion steamer to enjoy a day trip outside the city. Most of … Continue reading

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Cat, Rock & Carrier thrown into Normans Kill creek; jogger saves him

3 REASONS this story is so INCREDIBLE: 1.Our hero ran across the bridge exactly at the time that the perpetrator must have been running in the opposite direction. 2. He heard the cries because he wasn’t listening to music at the time … Continue reading

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Overachievers, the children left behind, and gaming

Damon Linker echoes my own thoughts here: In the test-obsessed, grade-gripped hothouses of meritocratic striving that are America’s suburban public schools, some kids are thriving. They are the ones we (revealingly) call the “overachievers” — students who, with curricular, cultural, … Continue reading

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Ambrose Bierce: author mysteriously vanished at 71

Lindy Moon’s novel Hyperlink from Hell set me on a mission to learn more about the author who at age 71 marched off to war (again!)…    (1842-c.1914)]  June 24: Happy Birthday, Ambrose Bierce! …. in part, to get new material to … Continue reading

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