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#Help Kings Pointers WWII memorial Locate #RobertRayEverhart relatives

A phone call from a stranger – who knew where it would lead? Tom Schroeder is searching for Claire Kean (Keane?), daughter of Jack Everhart, brother of William and WWII cadet #RobertRayEverhart, lost at sea November 4, 1942, near Jan … Continue reading

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Promotion Results for Ludwika

Originally posted on writerchristophfischer:
Last week I used the five ‘free days’ in the KDP Select programme to allow free kindle downloads of Ludwika. It is a double edged sword as it can attract verified troll reviews, but it helps to…

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Authors: Need Beta Readers? Offer to Be One

No lie: I’ve beta-read hundreds of manuscripts and novels. At times I’ve been too severe, but I do my best to follow this motto: — For every element you critique when completing your review—be it characters, plot, setting, etc.—include at … Continue reading

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Monday Musings 1/18 (Gamers Are Underestimated)

“Video games might be less about escapism, and more about engaging a type of freedom the modern world doesn’t allow anymore. Knowing fantasy intimately might make reality more bearable.” Source: Monday Musings 1/18

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Paul Winter-Jazz, World Music, and flying to the moon.

Originally posted on ronovanwrites:
Do you know Paul Winter? A lot of people know him without knowing him. You’ll know him from one of three different reasons. The Paul Winter Sextet was a cultural ambassador to Latin America for the…

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Holocaust Survivor Ceija Stojka|Austrian#Romani writer|painter|musician

Ceija (pronounced “Chaya”) Stojka was born into a family of traveling Olah Roma (Lovari) at a time when her family was still able to live a truly traveling lifestyle.  Pintura de Ceija Stojka “La mamá” © Pacific University Oregon Ceija Stojka … Continue reading

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#AmazonBlocked Declan Finn’s review of Marina Fontaine’s debut novel

Amazon won’t allow an author’s friend to post a review, even cyber-friends who’ve never met face to face. Authors can’t review fellow authors if they’re acquainted and therefore biased? Yet any one-star bandit can say, “Oops, this is a Christian … Continue reading

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Guy T. Martland’s “The Scion” – elevated to cult status – Books 2 and 3 forthcoming!

At age five, he read “The Odyssey.” In grade school, he studied Latin. At 6-feet-8, he may be the world’s tallest living science fiction author. He’s also a hospital pathologist. And a violinist. Who is this remarkable specimen? Guy T “you … Continue reading

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Marina Fontaine “Chasing Freedom” 5-star Review

      Click on this link to Writestream Tuesday: ‘Chasing Freedom’ with Marina Fontaine at 1 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, January 19 to listen online as Daria Anne DiGiovanni interviews Marina Fontaine about her debut novel. During the live show, call in with … Continue reading

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Sean Costello, Indie Author: Stephen King met his match

  Some authors have it all: a PhD in science or medicine, good looks, a gift for story telling, a sense of humor, a fresh voice, and a fan named Carol Kean. Okay, just kidding about that last part, but … Continue reading

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