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Lessons from Lucy: The Simple Joys of an Old, Happy Dog by Dave Barry

What happens when a cynical, retired, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist who hates self-help books starts taking notes on his old but happy dog–and realizes he’s written a self-help book? He taps into the wry and intelligent sense of humor that launched his … Continue reading

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Novelist/Good Samaritan saves dog hit by car, needs $; bonus, a 5-star book review

Dog hit by car; owner refuses to pay for dog’s broken leg; novelist adopts dog, seeks help raising money for Saving Ludo’s Leg Here is the novelist’s story: Adriana Hartelt Boettcher on Facebook, June 7, at 8:15pm · What I … Continue reading

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“A Traveler from an Antique Land” by Harvey Click – SciFi from a horror master!

@KeithDrawsCoverArt A Traveler from an Antique Land by Harvey Click “After years of writing nothing but horror, I’ve written a science-fiction/fantasy adventure novel.” – Harvey Click I’m thrilled to hear it! Horror is my least favorite genre, with guts and gore, … Continue reading

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Stoics are misunderstood, and why I don’t want to read your book

Stoics are misunderstood, especially in today’s world of the “precious snowflake” and a call to wear our hearts on our sleeves. Don’t bottle your emotions. Don’t hide your pain. Hiding your pain does have its drawbacks. European white men would … Continue reading

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“A Betrayal and Other Stories” by Brian Biswas

Fans of Night Gallery, The Twilight Zone, vintage science fiction, magic realism, irrealism, and–well, fans of good stories and good literature–you need to get your hands on this beautiful volume:  A Betrayal and Other Stories by Brian Biswas   “The world … Continue reading

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