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Brave As They Come

  First draft, hand written at age 15   Literature 9 | Mrs. Tucker | March 2, 1972  “Brave As They Come”by Julie Benning Gina Carr opened her eyes slowly and gasped from the smelling salts. She had just been told that … Continue reading

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Flood, Famine, Mystery and “Hidden Cities: The Discovery and Loss of Ancient North American Civilizations” by Roger G. Kennedy

Most people do not know that for 5000 years, until as recently as the 18th century, the Ohio and Mississippi valleys were home to well organized, highly advanced civilizations. Massive Mississippi Floods may have contributed to the ultimate downfall of the … Continue reading

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Being hateful in the name of combating hate is not effective ~ Craig A. Hart

Who said it best, when everyone was saying what they thought of the 2016 Presidential election?   A novelist, of course! Craig Hart posted today on Facebook: Hillary supporters – Listen. I support you, okay? I understand your pain, your fear, your bitter … Continue reading

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New Bookcafe in Chicago: Entrepreneurial Sisters Are Living a Dream @volumesbooks

Volumes Bookcafe in Wicker Park is impossible for me to walk by.Though carrying groceries (raw chicken!) I had to pop in. I reviewed an ARC of Hag-Seed for NetGalley before it hit the bookstores. Cool to see it on display! … Continue reading

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